Accelerated Housing

Accelerated Housing

Redfront was invited to take part in a special event for the housing sector, Accelerated Housing. Over the past couple of years Anne McCrossan at Visceral Business has been creating some real value in the housing sector though Connected Housing, a fast-growing piece of living research that’s engaged some of the most influential names in UK housing.

The Accelerated Housing event brought together a roomful of inspiring collaborators to explore what’s next for the sector and ways of maximising the digital opportunities. Following an introduction by Anne, my short talk on Service Design sat between Harry Metcalfe‘s User Experience insights and a resident’s perspective from Alex Hilton of Generation Rent. It was great to start the day with such a human perspective, and that perspective permeated the entire proceedings.

Even though digital was firmly on the agenda it was very encouraging to engage with a group of people who were equally keen to progress digital as a people enabler, rather than just a channel or series of technologies. Later conversations drew out some real opportunities for radical, and incremental, innovation in the sector; and Anne neatly wrapped up the day with a look at business models and leadership, highlighting some of the massive challenges that face housing as it moves forward.

Anne’s created a Storify from the day. You can also find out more about the previous Connected Housing report on the Visceral Business website.

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