The Data Imperative

Data Photo

For all the talk of Big/Open/Private Data there’s still a huge gap between the data that’s harvested and the data that’s used. Increasingly, everything we do is captured somewhere: in our phones, in our houses, in our cars. But how is the data we create and collect being used to make people’s lives better, help them make good decisions, improve their experiences?

Social networking platforms have access to some of the most intimate data on the web, but what is it used for? Beyond targeting adverts how is people’s own data being employed for their benefit? There’s a world of creative possibilities for making data meaningful to people, for making it tangible, and yet it seems like we’re a long way from those possibilities.

And there are plenty of issues. What is the current state of privacy? Who owns data about us? What makes data truly Open?

Over the next year Redfront’s next Discovery project is all about data. We’re working on new tools for crafting experiences around data, exploring creative interventions that make data touchable and useful, bringing elements of data to our ongoing work, and prodding the interface between data and design. There will be lot of different ways to get involved. In the meantime follow @redfront on Twitter or sign up for our newsletter.

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