The Data Loop

DataLoop Since the Spring we’ve been working on new tools and ideas for incorporating data into the design of products and services. #humandata is a Discovery Project which looks at how we can take data beyond the realm of developers and hackers and put it into the hands of everyone. And it’s about how we make data tangible, how to build meaningful experiences around it. Our first experiment is the development of a design tool for data, which we’re calling the DataLoop. You can download it here and have a play with it. If you have suggestions and ideas then please let us know in the comments or in this Facebook Group.

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  1. […] game in one of the sessions. We need more things like this. It would be remiss of me not to mention Redfront’s own Data Loop […]

  2. […] gives us the power to discover incredible new insights and at a practical level the ability to manage and balance the inventory we have with what we […]

  3. Excellent tool – love it.
    Will join the FB group too…


  4. Redfront says:

    […] After an intense week at the Open Data Institute, Simon is delighted to have achieved ODI Registered Trainer status. This allows Redfront to build on its existing work around hands-on design tools for data, including the Data Loop. […]

  5. […] you download the instructions here – – you’ll see there’s a whole guidance document on the process you use to work with this, but […]

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