Service Design Basics

We’re highly experienced service design trainers and teachers.

Design for Sharing

Collaborative economy service development, using our proprietary VALUE framework and key service design tools. Over a full day you will learn how to apply the fundamentals of collaborative services and develop new ones.

Our workshops on this subject have been delivered as part of Ravensbourne’s Master of Design course and in open workshops at Mozilla UK. Read more about the VALUE framework here.


Design for Open

Our Design for Open workshop was first delivered at Ouishare Fest in Paris, where it was subsequently refined into the broader model described in this post. The fundamental purpose of this workshop is to support organisations and individuals looking to develop open products and services. Over a full day we explore the concept of open and use a dedicated set of design tools to develop our own open frameworks and approaches.

This workshop forms part of a larger set of resources that are due to be completed late summer 2015. For more information please sign up to our newsletter.


Human Data

For over a year we’ve been exploring the connection between data and human-centred design. Originally a Discovery project, Human Data has seen Redfront co-found a Node of the Open Data Institute and become immersed in the fast-growing data landscape. Our original model for human-centred design with data, The Data Loop, will form part of Redfornt’s first book later this year. To be kept informed please join our mailing list.

Our one-day Human-Centred Design With Data course is offered internationally through ODI Devon and is delivered by ODI Registered Trainer and Redfront founder Simon Gough. Get in touch for more information.



Over two years ago we co-founded with WorkPlay Experience a Discovery project around the intersection of Service Design, Agile Methodology and Lean, entitled MoDAL. This project, which kicked off with an exploratory workshop in Berlin, subsequently led to a workshop at the Service Design Network conference in Cardiff and two Touchpoint articles.

Our MoDAL workshop brings together elements of the framework and game to help organisations and individuals explore this vital intersection and disciplines and develop new ways of developing teams focused on meaningful value co-creation.

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